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Eastside Security is one of the premier personal security companies serving both the United States and the international community when it comes to personal security. Our team of security guards is the most competent and highly trained you'll find anywhere. And because we serve the entire United States and international community, we can provide you with the personal protection you need no matter where you happen to be.

Our security guards undergo intensive training to acquire the skills necessary to protect you, your property and your possessions. YOU can have that protection.

Eastside Security: YOUR protection is serious business to us.


You have worked hard to achieve what you have, and to become who you are today. You want to protect yourself and what is valuable to you. We are security specialists who can offer you the high level of protection that you need. You are valuable. We are here to protect you.

Our societies have evolved and yet human nature hasn't changed all that much. Our world still has thieves, robbers, burglars, pirates, and many others who seek to take what isn't rightfully theirs.

While it would be nice if we lived in a world without crime and wrongdoing, the reality is that valuable assets and people must be protected. Our professional security services represent an added layer of protection that guarantees YOUR safety and the safety of what matters most to you.


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